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Event Calendar for Wilder Hall (Student Union)

November 19 - 25, 2017

Monday, November 20

"Building a Movement to Reverse Runaway Inequality" a talk by Les Leopold

"Building a Movement to Reverse Runaway... 11/20 4:30pm

Les Leopold ’69, cofounded the Labor Institute in 1976, and is the author of four books on labor and inequality, most recently Runaway Inequality: An...

Wilder Hall (Student Union), 101  
Tea Time with Nicollette & Marcelo

Tea Time with Nicollette & Marcelo 11/20 4:30pm

Tea Time is a weekly support group for peer educators hosted by CLEAR staff members Nicollette Mitchell and Marcelo Vinces. Join for tea, crackers,...

Wilder Hall (Student Union), 110  
TIMARA Guest Concert - Parallax

TIMARA Guest Concert - Parallax 11/20 8pm

In the work A Parallax View, the improvisation trio Parallax and composer/sound artist Anders Tveit explore the area between composed and improvised music...

Wilder Hall (Student Union)  

Wednesday, November 22

Moral Compass: Chabad Lunch & Learn

Moral Compass: Chabad Lunch & Learn 11/22 12pm

Join Rabbi Shlomo and your fellow Obies for a fascinating discussion about Jewish ethics and morals. Bagels & lox lunch provided—and some yummy treats, too.

Wilder Hall (Student Union), 110