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Spanish House (La Casa Hispanica; Harvey House)

96 South Professor Street, Oberlin, OH 44074

Photo by Kevin Reeves

La Casa Hispánica, officially known as Harvey House or Spanish House, is one of the Program Houses for students interested in learning and speaking Spanish. This residence hall is closely connected with the Hispanic studies and Latin American studies departments and other related programs. 


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PRESHCO Information Session

PRESHCO Information Session 2/17

The PRESHCO study away program informational session is for students interested pursuing a semester- or year-long liberal arts course of study in Córdoba,...

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Peter Asch

Peter Asch left a positive review 9/16/2013

He gave this talk two years in a row, and it was fabulous! Volk is a true inspiration for us all.

Marcelo Vinces

Marcelo Vinces left a positive review 11/10/2014


Marcelo Vinces

Marcelo Vinces left a positive review 11/22/2013

Muy interesante.

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