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Photo by Richard Howard

In 2001, the college opened a spacious library devoted to astronomy, biochemistry, biology, botany, chemistry, geology, neuroscience, physics, and zoology. Also well represented are related subjects in agriculture, medicine, technology, science education, and history of science. Students and faculty have access to more than 107,000 volumes, 176 periodical titles, and thousands of online scientific journals.

119 Woodland Street, Oberlin, OH 44074

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Isabella Moreno

Isabella Moreno left a positive review 9/10/2016

As a staff member, I found this workshop extremely helpful. While the thrust of the content was much more advanced than my needs, and even ability, the scaffolding allowed me to get grasp key concepts and focus on what will be useful for my needs. The workshop was self-paced, which was perfect for me. I returned to my dept Monday morning exclaiming that we should Marcelo do a workshop for us!

Tianrang Bu

Tianrang Bu left a positive review 9/12/2015

Useful in doing science

Science Library

Science Library posted a photo 3/2/2013