Oberlin College and Conservatory

TIMARA 50th Anniversary: Exquisite Electrophonics

Saturday, March 7, 2020 at 3:00pm to 5:00pm

Fairchild Chapel, Bosworth Hall
50 West Lorain Street, Oberlin, OH 44074

Watch the webcast  – streamed live at concert time.

A concert by the TIMARA Department celebrating their 50th-year anniversary at Oberlin College.

This concert celebrates student works in diverse media, including electroacoustic composition, live electronics, video, sound art, and custom instruments for performance. Experience immersive exquisite electronics in Fairchild Chapel, a favorite venue for the TIMARA community.

Free and open to the public.


Phase (2019)    Kayla Regan

    I. Conception

    II. Gestation

    III. Birth

    IV. Realization

        Meghan Maguire, video and fixed media


Corn Dog (Oracle park) (2019)    Ian English

    Stereo fixed media


Untitled (Remix) (2019)    Noah Hellman

    Stereo fixed media


the beauty of the form of time displayed (or, First Drag Study) (2020)    Drew Smith

    Melinda Wisdom, trombone

    Live processing     


The wet centre is bottomless (2019-2020)    Will Bertrand

    Fixed media


ENGINE MALFUNCTION (2020)    Michael Gaspari

    Stereo fixed media


Jeffy B. (2020)    Piper Hill

   Stereo fixed media


Guessing Games 4 (2020)    Andrew Santiago

    Andrew Santiago, flute

    Live processing


Sonic “Exquisite Corpse” Collection Composition

(5-second seed followed by a 30-second response)


bZZzzshkcawOoow    Will Bertrand

Cait’s response    Cait Bobblitt

Tessellate 3    Helen He

Watchmojo    Chris Dahlke

broken mirror thump jam    Tempest Baum

spill   Claire O’Brocta

9333    Sophie Shalit

Claudia’s response    Claudia Hinsdale

eating scrap metal in a Denny’s    Sebastian Sanchez-Piotrowski

parking lot (3 AM)

u uu u    Drew Smith

Chirping sprout    Rachel Yee

Dirk’s response    Dirk Roosenbburg

Spooky Sprout    Piper Hill

Sprout Wipe    Gabriel Baskin

Pheobe’s response    Phoebe Mapes-Frances

Lush    Hannah Sandoz

Mobey’s response    Mobey Irizarry Lambright

*_*    Ivy Fu

Spacey spacey    Michelle Li

spcAspc    Jack Hamill

CRUSHED STUFF    Michael Gaspari

Cicadas    Jason McCauley

Bean Sprout    Meggie Jackson

Frog on a wire    Maya McCollum

Barderous    Kayla Reagan

Mouthful    Max Addae

Vox     Maggie Bantner

thrill-seeking females    Autumn Culp

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