Oberlin College and Conservatory

The Sexual Politics of Meat: Presentation, Discussion and Banquet with Carol Adams

Thursday, April 21, 2016 at 7:30pm to 9:00pm

Norman C. Craig Lecture Hall, Science Center
119 Woodland Street, Oberlin, OH 44074

Join us for an evening of stimulating discussion on "the Sexual Politics of Meat" with Carol Adams. The Sexual Politics of Meat slide show is an evolving one-hour dynamic and challenging presentation that draws upon images of women and animals in contemporary popular culture to discuss oppressive attitudes. It develops and expands ideas found in The Sexual Politics of Meat and The Pornography of Meat. It draws upon images that have been sent from around the world and is constantly being updated as it tracks changes, regressions, and reiterations of the sexual politics of meat in popular culture. 

The slide show provides an ecofeminist analysis of the interconnected oppressions of sexism, racism, and speciesism by exploring the way popular culture draws on dominant Western philosophical viewpoints regarding race, gender, and species that further objectification. It identifies how meat has been a valued masculine-identified protein source and the ways that assumptions about meat-eating reinforce a gender binary.

It proposes that many meat advertisements are conduits for hate-speech against women and also that they offer ways to encode "whiteness" without being explicit. It includes a discussion of how privilege creates pleasure but this "pleasure" has been depoliticized, and so the privilege that enables it disappears from conversation. 

After the presentation, there will be a book-signing with Carol and banquet with vegan cheese and crackers and cookies.

This is a free & public event in conjunction with Ecolympics. Sponsored by the Office of Environmental Sustainability (OES) and Oberlin Animal Rights.

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