Oberlin College and Conservatory

Guest Recital: Chartreuse +

Wednesday, January 7, 2015 at 8:00pm to 10:00pm

Clonick Hall, Bertram and Judith Kohl Building
77 West College Street, Oberlin, OH 44074

The Winter Term Chamber Music Intensive & Festival for String, Wind and Piano present a guest recital by Chartreuse and friends.

Myra Hinrichs '13, violin

Carrie Frey '14, viola

Helen Newby '13, cello


Hannah Hammelflute, Zachary Good '13clarinet, Ben Roidl-Wardbassoon


Theophilus Chandler ’14: Image: Deposition (2014)*                                             

Joan Arnau Pamies[IVflbclVIvln/c] (2012)                                                         

Kurt Isaacson '09: as a family of civilian ghosts phase-shifts through the fog lights** 

David Bird '12: pluck.divide.cut (2014)***

Katherine Young '02: graveled crumbled strewn (2014)***                                     

* world premiere   ** full premiere   *** premiere with reinstrumentation


Chartreuse is a trio comprising violinist Myra Hinrichs, violist Carrie Frey, and cellist Helen Newby. We have collectively premiered over 100 works by Oberlin composition students and faculty (almost as many as the 130 herbs used in the making of Chartreuse liqueur). The alchemy of collaboration is one of our favorite things about new music, so live composers are a priority; this season we are working with Kurt Isaacson, Ryan Pratt, Katherine Young, and David Bird.

We started distilling our group identity in 2011, bonding over a mutual love of Steve Reich’s classic tape piece Different Trains, which we performed in the Allen Memorial Art Museum as part of the First Thursdays series as well as in Oberlin’s famous Slow Train Café. We love the closeness to the audience at art galleries, bars and coffee shops, and likewise, the intimacy of blending human and organic elements with modern soundscapes.

We partnered with Oberlin Dance Company and Jamey Haddad on the Kronos Quartet’s Pieces of Africa as members of the Oberlin Contemporary Music Ensemble in 2012. With Jamey’s support, we joined guitarist Matt Gold, drummer Nathan Friedman, and bassist Matt Adomeit to form the band deturtle. We appeared with that group on Dee Perry's Ohio NPR- affiliated show Around Noon promoting Oberlin’s Performance and Improvisation program and subsequently performed an eight-concert tour of the U.S. Northeast in June 2013, appearing in venues from the Lilypad in Boston to Shapeshifter Lab in NYC. Give us a listen at deturtle's website.

Our tour credits also include a January 2013 Norway trip, supported by a Kickstarter campaign and a CIGSIE grant from Oberlin Conservatory. We presented concerts at the Norges Musikkhøgskole in Oslo, Hamar's Toneheim Fokehøgskole, and the University in Tromsø and established fruitful and continuing relationships with composers Martin Rane Bauck and Tyler Futrell, as well as appearing on Monzta’s debut album 1:A.

Like Chartreuse liqueur, the strength of our flavor and our mixological impact will derive from the wide-ranging natural influences of the musicians and composers we steep ourselves in. We continue to age and soak up as many types of music as we can get our fingers and bows on, and we aspire to a herbaceous and vegetal future.



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