Oberlin College and Conservatory


Friday, October 22

Oberlin Community Music School Musical Beginnings Class (for ages 0-3)

A class for the young child and their caregiver. Come sing, listen and dance. This class will help your child build neural pathways that will prepare...

Modiano's Ghosts:  Family History and the Shoah in Dora Bruder

Advance a semester worth of Spanish classes and explore one of the most beautiful cities in México.

Finney Chapel exterior

Watch the webcast – streamed live at concert time. Oberlin's Contemporary Music Ensemble will perform under the direction of guest conductor and Oberlin...

The text reads "Norelle. Live at the Cat in the Cream Coffeehouse. Friday, October 22nd @8pm."

Join us Friday night at the Cat for Norelle!! Norelle is a Grammy accredited vocalist and singer/songwriter originally from Cleveland, OH. She was recently...

Friday, October 22