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Thursday, February 13

Jews as Race or Religion: Understanding Trump’s Executive Order

A Jewish Studies Program Teach-in facilitated by Professors Matt Berman (Jewish studies), Josh Freedman (politics), and Shari Rabin (Jewish studies and...

Oberlin College Swimming vs NCAC Championships

Oberlin College Swimming vs NCAC Championships Streaming Video: https://portal.stretchinternet.com/denison/ https://goyeo.com/calendar.aspx?id=5499

The True Cost of Plastics with Randi Pokladnik, PhD

‘‘The True Cost of Plastics and What Ohio Valley People Are Doing To Counter It,’’ will be presented by Randi Pokladnik, PhD, an environmental scientist,...

Sign in front of King Building, 10 North Professor Street

Two presentations on gay and feminist militant media: video, televison and radio. Nicole Fernandez Ferrer, Video in Service to the Feminist, Gay, and...

Annual Moses Hogan Sing-Along

A Moses Hogan Sing-Along cosponsored by the Oberlin College Black Musicians Guild in celebration of Black History Month. Come prepared to sing the music of...

Thursday, February 13