Oberlin College and Conservatory


Tuesday, May 7

Ballet III Showing

Join us for a free performance by students in Ballet III, taught by Visiting Instructor of Dance Bobby Wesner.

The Intersections of Class and Race: Khiara Bridges

‘‘The Intersections of Class and Race: Imagining an Ethnography of the Reproductive Lives of Class-Privileged Women of Color,’’ is an academic talk by Khiara...

exterior Finney Chapel

Watch the webcast – streamed live at concert time. A performance by the Oberlin Chamber Orchestra conducted by Raphael Jiménez, with 2018 Senior Concerto...

Anna Burch In Concert

Come listen to some wavy indie pop by the amazing Anna Burch. "Though the deceptively complex pop of Quit The Curse marks the debut of Burch, it’s anything...

Senior Recital: elie mcafee-hahn, TIMARA

A conservatory senior degree recital by elie mcafee-hahn, TIMARA. -- Program: elie mcafee-hahn: MY TAMARIAN SCRIPT 5.1 surround fixed media...

Tuesday, May 7