Oberlin College and Conservatory


Friday, May 24

Exhibitions from the Conservatory Library's Special Collections

Exhibits feature jazz and American music, including the collections of James and Susan Neumann, Milton J. and Mona C. Hinton, and Frederick R. Selch.

Integrative Concentration Fall Fest Fair

This exhibition features 19th Century Oberlin College Women, a series of monoprints by Suzanne Benton, and featuring Benton's new monoprint of Mary Church...

Museum exterior

The strength of the AMAM’s permanent collection is featured, along with eight special exhibitions. These include The Body is the Map: Approaches to Land in...

Oberlin College Track & Field vs NCAA Championships

Oberlin College Track & Field vs NCAA Championships Streaming Video: https://www.ncaa.com/liveschedule/ https://goyeo.com/calendar.aspx?id=5119

A Peek Through the Portal

A history of the people, structure, and artwork associated with the original Oberlin Conservatory building, Warner Hall, which sat on the space occupied...

The Oberlin Review Open House

Visit with Review staff members, past and present. Swing by to say hello or to check out our archived newspapers from past decades.

Modiano's Ghosts:  Family History and the Shoah in Dora Bruder

Reception for graduating international students and their friends and families. Hosted by Josh Whitson, assistant dean of students and director,...

Wilder Bowl

Enjoy plenty of food in an interactive and intergenerational setting, toast the Class of 2019 as we welcome them into the Alumni Association, celebrate the...

Commencement Special Jam

This annual event celebrates the legacy of Oberlin College's seminal involvement with the history of contact improvisation and brings the many generations of...

Family Style Shabbos Dinner

Join us for our Family Shabbat Dinner Celebration honoring the Class of 2019. Come and go as you please. All visiting family, friends, and alumni are welcome...

people waiting in line to enter the Apollo Theater in Oberlin

Documentary on the intellectual and artistic vision of Toni Morrison. Directed and produced by cinema studies professors Geoff Pingree and Rian...

Warner Concert Hall

Watch the webcast – streamed live at concert time. How many pianos can we get on stage? This not-to-be missed annual event featuring Conservatory of Music...

people waiting in line to enter the Apollo Theater in Oberlin

This special program features the best Oberlin student narrative, documentary, animated and experimental films of 2018-19. All are welcome.

Observe the Night Sky

Public observing available at the Oberlin College Observatory and Planetarium. If clear, we will observe the sky using our telescopes and binoculars. If...

exterior Finney Chapel

Enjoy a fun-filled musical spectacle! Hilarity guaranteed. Sponsored by the Organ Pump Committee of Oberlin.

Friday, May 24