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Monday, April 8

Exhibit and Digital Collection on Student Publications

The College Archives announces an exhibit and a new digital collection on the Oberlin College Student Publications Collection, comprising nearly 200 print...

Solidarity Forever! Labor and Learning Spotlight on the Collection

The OCOPE Solidarity Committee is pleased to present SOLIDARITY FOREVER: Labor & Learning, a display to be housed in the display cases by Azariah's...

King Building, 10 North Professor Street

Environmental historian Lise Sedrez will speak on ‘‘The Gardens of Babilonia Hill: Reforestation, Climate Change and Favelas in Rio de Janeiro, 1985-2015.’’...

Physics & Astronomy Department Lecture Series

"Breakthroughs in Hydrogen Gas Separation" is the title of the talk to be presented by Katharine Rigdon, Oberlin College senior honors student in physics.

Oberlin Friendship Festival

A celebration with tea, food, activities, music, dance, poetry, and reflections celebrating friendship as a pathway to international, intercultural, and...

King Building, 10 North Professor Street

If you’ve ever wondered what a the heck a healthy relationship is and thought, ‘‘I‘ve never seen one of those!’’ or if you just want to learn more about...

PRSM Office Hours During Consent Month

PRSM trainers will be available to talk, hang out, and answer any questions you might have about consent.

Monday, April 8