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Monday, April 8

"Tango" Photographs by Claudia Marciano

"Tango" Photographs by Claudia Marciano

Through April 30. An exhibition of photographer Claudia Marciano’s artistic rendering of the “Milonga Tango Queer” held during the XI Festival Internacional...

Mudd Center, Seeley G. (Main Library)  
Education, Access, and Equity

Education, Access, and Equity 12:01pm

An Education Discussion Lunch with Oberlin alumna Natalie Celeste '93. Celeste directs the Aspire Program at Hathaway Brown School in Cleveland, a...

Wilder Hall (Student Union), Room 112  
Could the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake Been Anticipated?

Could the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake Been Anticipated? 12:10pm

Geology department guest lecturer Paul Segall will deliver a talk: “The 2011 M 9 Tohuku, Japan Earthquake and Tsunami: Could it have been anticipated?” Dr....

Severance Hall, 108  
Neuroscience Seminar

Neuroscience Seminar 12:10pm

"Wiring eye to brain for binocular vision: Molecular mechanisms of axon growth and circuit formation." Speaker: Carol A. Mason, professor of pathology &...

Norman C. Craig Lecture Hall, Science Center  
Core & Weights M & W

Core & Weights M & W 4:30pm

Core & Weights is a fun, innovative 45-minute muscle defining and sculpting workout utilizing 2 – 8 lb weights with the addition of cutting edge core...

Multipurpose Room Philips Gym  
Friendship Day Festival

Friendship Day Festival 4:30pm

A celebration with tea, food, activities, music, dance, poetry, and reflections celebrating friendship as a pathway to international, intercultural, and...

Cat in the Cream Coffeehouse, Hales Annex  
Gas Rush:  A Reporter's Perspective

Gas Rush: A Reporter's Perspective 7:30pm

Wilber’s talk, “Gas Rush: A Reporter’s Perspective” provides an overview of high volume hydraulic fracturing and related events and social influences that...

Norman C. Craig Lecture Hall, Science Center  
Drop In Yoga

Drop In Yoga 8pm

$2 drop in vinyasa yoga class open to students, faculty and staff. Please bring your own mat.

Asia House (Quadrangle), Multipurpose room (basement)  

Monday, April 8