Oberlin College and Conservatory

International/Cultural Events

April 26 - May 2, 2019

Friday, April 26

Arabic Talent Show

Students will perform skits, sing songs, do puppet shows, and more, in Arabic. Pizza and beverages will be provided during the performances.

Sunday, April 28

Chinese Students Association Music Showcase - Moonlight, My Heart

A talent show featuring Chinese students dancing, singing, and showing off their talents!

Monday, April 29

K-Pop Night

Come to one of Oberlin Korean Student Association’s biggest festivals: The K-POP Night! Features karaoke, K-Pop music, dance, snacks.....and you@ The K-Pop...

Tuesday, April 30

Ilkhom Theater: First Free Theater in the USSR

Imagine an independent (post)Soviet theater, which has five shows a week through the year, has 150 seats, and employs over 50 people, but doesn’t receive a...

April 26 - May 2, 2019