Oberlin College and Conservatory

Politics Events

April 19 - 25, 2019

Friday, April 19

Illuminator Artist Collective Talk

The Illuminator is an art-activist collective comprised of visual artists, educators, filmmakers, and technologists living and working in New York City. The...

Monday, April 22

From 1919 to 1989 via 1957: Student Activism in Maoist China—Yidi Wu ‘11

"From 1919 to 1989 via 1957: Student Activism in Maoist China," presented by Yidi “Woody” Wu '11. She is currently an assistant professor history at St....

Rethinking the Political in Puerto Rico’s Contemporary Crisis

University of Puerto Rico professor and political theorist Carlos Pabón will contextualize Puerto Rico‘s contemporary (political, economical, cultural)...

Thursday, April 25

Sleeping Soldiers: On Sleep and War

Helen Kinsella argues that it is through the capacity to sleep—the dreams and nightmares it occasions, its relation to the body and to the soul, its...

April 19 - 25, 2019