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Allen Memorial Art Museum

87 North Main Street, Oberlin, OH 44074

Photo by John Seyfried

Founded in 1917, the Allen Memorial Art Museum (AMAM) is recognized today as one of the five best college and university art museums in the United States. Since its beginning, the museum has always been free for everyone. Collections including paintings, sculpture, decorative arts, prints, drawings, and photographs are housed in an impressive Italian Renaissance-style building designed by Cass Gilbert and named after Dudley Peter Allen, a distinguished 1875 graduate of Oberlin College. Allen and his wife, Elisabeth Severance Allen, (later Prentiss) were the museum's principal benefactors.


Upcoming Events

Return of the Dragon

Return of the Dragon 9/4 12:00am

Visitors of all ages will enjoy the symbols, stories, and spectacle of dragons in a new installation of works from East Asia. Dragon-themed works in a...

Body Proxy: Clothing in Contemporary Art

Body Proxy: Clothing in Contemporary Art 9/4 10:00am

Body Proxy examines contemporary approaches to clothing as a material in art. Due to their intimate associations with the body, articles of clothing function...

Hidden Mother

Hidden Mother 9/4 10:00am

Early portrait photographers employed a number of devices—from pedestals to pincer-like braces—to stabilize the bodies of their subjects during long...

The Body: Looking In and Looking Out

The Body: Looking In and Looking Out 9/4 10:00am

Instruments of perception and discovery—lenses, mirrors, cross-sections, and vanishing points—appear throughout this selection of more than 40 works from the...

Transformation: Images of Childhood and Adolescence

Transformation: Images of Childhood and... 9/4 10:00am

This exhibition features works from the Allen Memorial Art Museum Collection collection that take as their subject infants, children, and adolescents. Just...

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Hidden Mother 9/3/2015

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Johnny Coleman

Johnny Coleman left a positive review 12/4/2014

Outstanding musical conversation between two rare and gifted artists. At times the musical ideas appeared telepathic. The gallery makes for a perfect setting for quiet acoustic performances; particularly across this timbre (arch top guitar, acoustic bass). Very happy that I was there to experience this performance!

Marcelo Vinces

Marcelo Vinces left a positive review 2/11/2014

Loved it.

Marcelo Vinces

Marcelo Vinces left a positive review 4/9/2013

Jim's talk was great, and was excited to see how the resources of the Museum can be incorporated into courses beyond the arts.

Allen Memorial Art Museum

Allen Memorial Art Museum posted a photo 3/2/2013

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