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Afrikan Heritage House (Lord-Saunders)

126 Forest Street, Oberlin, OH 44074

Photo by Nadya Primak '13

The largest program house on south campus is Lord-Saunders, also known as Afrikan Heritage House. Approximately 80 students live in Lord-Saunders creating a family atmosphere that extends beyond the house and into the larger campus community. This modern building overlooking South Bowl is the center of activity for students who want to heighten their understanding of cultures, traditions, and issues among African, African American, and Afrikan Caribbean societies.  


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IIu Aye: Bringing it Back Spring Concert

IIu Aye: Bringing it Back Spring Concert 5/7 2:00pm

Ilu Aye means "drum world" in Yoruba. We then are a semiprofessional percussion-based group that accompanies Dance Diaspora with drumming and songs. We...

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