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Adam Joseph Lewis Center for Environmental Studies

122 Elm Street, Oberlin, OH 44074

Photo Courtesy of Oberlin College

This solar-powered building has earned national acclaim as a showcase for green building technologies and operating systems. Photovoltaic panels on the center's roof and parking pavilion capture renewable energy from the sun and south-facing windows allow for passive solar heating. Indoors, a specially engineered wetland called the Living Machine purifies non-potable wastewater for reuse in toilets and the landscape. Flows of energy and cycling of materials are monitored and displayed by a sophisticated system (150+ sensors) that gives real-time feedback, teaching about sustainability in the built environment. 


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Oberlin Lambda Alumni & Multicultural Resource Center Colloquium and Lavender Graduation Ceremony

Oberlin Lambda Alumni & Multicultural... 5/25 4:30pm

An event for LGBTQ alumni and graduates. All are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Environmental Studies Program Open House

Environmental Studies Program Open House 5/26 3pm

Host: Md Rumi Shammin, director and associate professor of environmental studies.

Economics Department Open House

Economics Department Open House 5/27 10am

Host: Ron Cheung, chair and associate professor of economics.

Living Angels: A Program of Love for Alex Chun '08

Living Angels: A Program of Love for Alex Chun '08 5/27 1:30pm

This program of loving celebration of Alexander D. Chun includes music and testimonials by friends, relatives, and professors. Alex's mother, Edna Chun, is a...

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Peter Asch

Peter Asch left a positive review 4/1/2015

One of the greatest experiences of my life! The CMPL department is fantastic! The only shortcomings were that the language variety was not as significant as it could have been at Oberlin - there certainly were not enough non-Romance language translations and few in classical languages either.

Marcelo Vinces

Marcelo Vinces left a positive review 3/13/2014


Sharon Pearson

Sharon Pearson left a positive review 10/5/2013

It was great!

Eric Pecherkiewicz

Eric Pecherkiewicz posted a photo 3/11/2013

this is just a sampling of the fare at the American Meat reception this is just a sampling of the fare at the American Meat reception

Eric Pecherkiewicz

Eric Pecherkiewicz left a positive review 3/8/2013

Thanks to everyone who came out! It was an all-around great time! The movie was inspiring, and the food was AMAZING!

Cecile Thivolle-Cazat

Cecile Thivolle-Cazat left a review 3/8/2013

It was very interesting, I could not stay for the discussion, it is a shame !
Just on thing : it was REALLY too cold in the conference room... It is a bit weird to have air conditionning in the winter, especially in the ECOLOGY and ENVIRONMENT building for an evening about SUSTAINABLE meat... : )

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